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Development Path

SHEAR7 undergoes constant development to meet the needs of the industry. This development is a result of the industry driven requirements, the implementation of results of experiments and research being conducted around the world, in particular that of the SHEAR7 JIP.

SHEAR7 v4.9b

SHEAR7 v4.9b is to be released in April 2016. New in SHEAR7 v4.9b:

Theoretical Improvements

  • The definition of Uf have been revised based on recent research findings. Uf is defined as the RMS of the of the current speeds in the power-in region for the excited mode.
    • Note that Uf is used in the calculation of cf*
    • Please note, the parameters Af*, cf* and Uf are part of ongoing research. These parameters are intended to be interpreted in the context of being an ongoing Research and Development activity. Af* and cf* are calculated using the reference diameter which is specified by the end user in Block 5.

Bug Fixes

  • Refinement of the convergence criteria applied to the beta iterations to resolve a bug causing the beta iteration for particular cases to cease after one iteration when convergence has not been reached. The beta iteration convergence tolerance was also decreased from 0.05 to 0.01
  • Fixed a bug in Section 11 of the .out file where the Uf values were reported as Uf2
  • Resolution of a memory allocation bug where the number of modes was greater than the number of nodes

Processing Enhancements

  • SHEAR7 now supports the three Windows versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
  • SHEAR7 is now compiled as a 64 bit program to improve memory allocation and overall performance
    • A 32 bit version of the program is included as part of the standard installation to provide compatibility for users with 32 bit versions of Windows


SHEAR7 v4.9a

SHEAR7 v4.9a was released in December 2015. Program enhancements included:

Theoretical Improvements

  • Integration of Higher Harmonics correction to take into account observations from some experimental and field data. The user also has the option of running the program without activating the Higher Harmonics correction factor.

  • Implementation of the non-dimensional parameters Af*and cf*:

    • cf* is defined as the flexible cylinder equivalent damping parameter and improves on the previous c* parameter by capturing the role of damping in the determination of the VIV of flexible cylinders in sheared flow.

    • Af* is defined as the flexible cylinder equivalent dimensionless response amplitude. The goal of Af* is to provide a single number that characterizes the responses for the entire flexible cylinder by using the average of the RMS response in the power-in region.

    • Both Af* and cf*are calculated based on a reference diameter specified by the user in the input .dat file.

    • Based on new theory developed that represents a flexible cylinder by an equivalent spring-mounted rigid cylinder, the product of Af* and cf* equates to an equivalent flexible cylinder lift coefficient.

  • Refinement of the beta calculation to represent the ratio of the spatial average RMS modal displacement for all modes (resonant and associated) to the spatial average RMS resonant mode displacement.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved bug when using beta iteration where the .fat file would be written during each iteration. The .fat file will now only contain the results after the final beta iteration.

  • Resolved bug for situation where SHEAR7 would fail to exit for particular cases when no VIV response was predicted.

  • Resolved bug in the structural damping term used to calculate the model power in some cases.

Processing Enhancements

  • Development of a more robust regression testing program for verifying the SHEAR7 installation for use on multilingual Windows OS installations.

  • Further code refactoring leading to decreased runtime and improved maintainability.

I/O Data Handling

  • Warning messages have been improved and are included in the.out file for all outputs.

  • Reporting of the Af*, cf* and Uf values in the .out file.

Regression Tests

  • The regression test suite has been expanded both in breadth and quantity, in order to extend the verification checklist to include the newly added features and fixes to the bugs.

If your license is current you should have received an email with passwords and instructions on downloading this latest version. If you believe your license is up to date and you have not received this information or would like more information on SHEAR7 please contact SHEAR7.

Other versions of SHEAR7 development include:






Single mode and Multi-mode features

September, 2003


Issued with common.CL file, enable users large choice of lift curves for different cases

March, 2005


Improved preliminary power computation. Improved strake modeling curves. Generation of optional fatigue output file.

July, 2007


Time sharing of modes.

February, 2011



Improved Partial Strake modelling capability

Multiple S-N zones, multiple zones for bandwidth.

September, 2012


Inclusion of regression test suite as part of distribution, first mode inline excitation improvement

October, 2014


Improved hydrodynamic lift formulation. Inclusion of Axial Hydrodynamic Damping. Update to *.str and *.dmg file format.

December, 2015


See details above

April, 2016


This is the current version of SHEAR7. See details above

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